Obama packs up for vacation – again.

It’s the middle of August and Obama is headed out for a vacation – again. This is his 6th vacation this year. I know I’ve said that the presidency is a stressful job and I certainly don’t begrudge the First Family hitting the beach for a vacation, but six times in 8 months? Seriously? Never mind the 40 rounds of golf he’s gotten in, he’s averaging a vacation every 45 days?

How can a guy who just schedules himself time off with that frequency really relate to the rest of us? He can’t, and he doesn’t. He talks about it all the time – most notably during the multistate fundraising tour he just took (and doesn’t that sort of present a problem that we’re all paying for this state-hopping travel so he can raise money for Democrats?) – but it’s clear he just doesn’t get it. There an awful lot of us out here who can’t afford to take half of the vacations he’s already taken just in terms of time off, let alone to the places he’s going. There’s an awful lot of us who aren’t employed to be able to take vacations at all, in spite of the massive debt he’s dropped on our shoulders, assuring us that unemployment wouldn’t get anywhere near where it is today.

After the beating he’s taken in the public opinion lately – a beating he’s got to be aware of – he still just decides to take time off with so many of our nation’s issues still pending. Did I mention the utter lack of an attempt by Democrats to pass a budget this year? Obama should have been screaming about that. Instead, he’s off to Martha’s Vineyard. The only way that happens is if he’s completely clueless about what he’s doing or – take your pick – he’s fully aware of it and figures you owe him.