Shocker: 18% of Americans not paying attention to Obama's religious history

Apparently a survey was taken asking a sample of Americans what religion Obama belongs to and 18% said he was a Muslim. Apparently those people don’t recall Obama’s membership in Rev. Jerimiah Wright’s Trinity United Church up in Chicago, a church of a most certainly Christian bend. (Although given what I’ve seen of Rev. Wright’s sermons, the term “bent” can also certainly be applied.)

Of course, I’d also like to address this bit of news with a big, “So what?” Somewhere between 6% and 28% of Americans surveyed (depending on the surveyor) believe the moon landings never happened. Some significant chunk of my fellow citizens also believes that the 9/11 attacks were carried out by our own government. That 18% of those surveyed for this one believes something incorrect is hardly a major event.

I can certainly understand the larger group of this survey – 43% – who said they didn’t know. After all, Obama has hardly made any efforts to display any kind of spiritual belief, he doesn’t attend church regularly (has he at all since his inauguration?), and he avoids mentioning God’s name like the plaque. Given his repeated support of Muslim positions on all manner of issues it’s hardly surprising that people would come the conclusion he considers himself one of them. That is, if you’ve not been paying close attention to his history, a common enough situation among our electorate.