Teachers' Union anti-Union?

Confronted with a non-union employee who had begun efforts to form a union in his workplace, the United Federation of Teachers responded by firing the employee:

Jim Callaghan, a veteran writer for the teachers union, told The Post he was booted from his $100,000-a-year job just two months after he informed UFT President Michael Mulgrew that he was trying to unionize some of his co-workers.

“I was fired for trying to start a union at the UFT,” said a dumbfounded Callaghan, who worked for the union’s newsletter and as a speechwriter for union leaders for the past 13 years.

That would be the definition of hypocrisy – that an organization dedicated to both unionizing every school system they can and making it extremely difficult to fire any teacher holding membership in their union would respond by immediately firing an employee of theirs who dared to attempt to emulate their act. Told about the intention, UFT President Michael Mulgrew was apparently blunt about the reason for his resistance:

“I told him I want to have the same rights that teachers have,” said Callaghan, 63, of Staten Island. “He told me he didn’t want that, that he wanted to be able to fire whoever he wanted to.”

The UFT has long strenuously resisted city efforts to make it easier for school administrators to fire teachers.

Indeed they have. Which begs the question: if it’s so important to Mulgrew that he have this ability, why wouldn’t it be important for a school system to have the same? After all, a bad speechwriter can only affect the guy using his work to give a speech. A bad teacher can negatively affect the learning ability of hundreds or thousands of students over a career. I’d say it’s even more important to be able to fire bad teachers than bad speechwriters.

I have extended family that are members of unions and they’re not all bad. But the overall air of elitist entitlement these teachers’ unions display just shows this kind of hypocrisy isn’t a one-off case, it’s endemic. I’d recommend UFT reverse themselves quickly if they don’t want to take a major hit in the public’s eye.

(Hat tip: No Left Turns, Ashbrook Center.)