Independent article on blogosphere hit the print last week.

The article I was interviewed for by the Loudoun Independent made the press last week. You can read the article here. The thrust of the story was the question posed in the headline: Whatever happened to the Loudoun blogosphere?

The article talks about the slowdown in blogging the local blogs have displayed since last year. Of course, we’re talking about the political blogs, here. Blogs on other matters are still alive and well, as are many of the blogs mentioned in this article. By and large, however, the intensity of many of our blogs has declined over the past couple of months. I attributed that to the slow local news cycle going on this year as opposed to last. In this election cycle, Loudoun is looking at a Congressional race that pits incumbent Representative Frank Wolf (R-VA10) against… um… who’s he running against, again? Not much of a story to tell, there, but you’ll see things start to pick up during the August recess.

One of the things left unmentioned in the story – and you’d hardly be shocked by this – was the prime topic of HoodaThunk?’s focus during the 2009 campaign season, that of the shoddily researched and written “news article” regarding Tag Greason. That article was published under the direction of John Geddie, the man who interviewed me for this story. I’m not surprised he chose not to mention it. It certainly wasn’t the Loudoun Independent’s finest hour.

In any case, look for the Loudoun ‘sphere to pick back up ahead of the 2011 cycle when we get to take care of certain badly-performing members of the Board of Supervisors (notably right here in Potomac District), and get our opportunity to take out the last Democratic hold on Loudoun’s representation, our State Senator. Should be fun.