Busting 100.

While it might seem inconsequential to non-players, there’s a special target among amateur golfers to gauge their progress: scoring less than 100 for 18 holes of golf. Yesterday I played the Lassing Pointe course in Union, KY. Cutting right to the chase, I scored a 97 on the round, the 1st time in my life I’ve ever broken 100. Why yes, I am quite happy about it!

My brother-in-law counts Lassing Pointe as his home course so he was well familiar with all of the tricks and traps of each hole. He also brought a new driver to the course, a Taylormade R9. He offered me his previous driver, a Taylormade R360 XD. I took him up on the offer and, while I’m not of the opinion that there’s a “magic wand” of a club that will turn a duffer into Tiger Woods, this club performed spectacularly for me. As I’ve gotten better at golf over the past couple of years my drive range has slowly increased from a worm-burning 100 yards when I started to a weekend hacker’s non-embarrassing 190-200 yards. Yesterday, I routinely put them out to 240-250 yards. And the shots were straight. And they went where I wanted them to go.

Cue the mysterious music, kids.

As my fellow hacks will attest, actually making par on a given hole is also something to be viewed as progress. I’ve gone whole rounds without a single one. In fact, I could count on 1 hand the number I’d actually parred up to this point. Yesterday I managed to par 4 of them and I came literally within 2 inches of getting my 1st birdie on one of the par 3’s. That getting a birdie is within reach is something I couldn’t conceive of last year.

Anyway, it was a good day to golf, the course was both lovely and interesting, and I managed to bring my “A” game all at the same time. It’s rounds like that that keep you coming back.


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  1. Say what you want about mysterious clubs making a difference, but when I switched to a new Taylor Made tour burner I could all of a sudden hit 250+ drives and 220 woods. I was amazed that a club could have so much influence. I don’t know if its real science or you just feel better with the new club and concentrate more on doing the correct mechanics. Anyway it is fun to just try!! I wish I had time to get out more often. Oh and congrats on the 100 Ric. I do know what that, pars and almost birdies mean.

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