59% of Americans want feds to secure the border 1st

Not that Obama and his Congressional team will care what Americans think, but here’s the latest on what part of the “comprehensive” immigration reform Americans want: 59% say that the top priority is to secure the border.

A majority of American voters think the federal government should secure the country’s borders first, before Congress works on new immigration legislation.

The Obama administration wants comprehensive immigration overhaul to come first, while Republican leaders are pushing for improved border security as the top priority. A Fox News poll released Friday asked American voters what should happen first: 59 percent think the government should secure the border first, while 30 percent think the priority should be new legislation.

Large numbers of Republicans (72 percent) and independents (65 percent) support securing the border first. Views are fairly evenly split among Democrats, with a slim plurality putting border security (44 percent) before Congressional action (41 percent).

Do the right thing, Mr. President. Do your job, Mr. President. Secure the border and really secure it this time. You’ll be amazed how easily you’ll convince people about the rest of the plan once you’ve done that.