Dopey oil spill news story: The Mississipi River flows as much as the oil spill so far in just 38 seconds.

Uhhh… ok.

A little mathematical context to the spill size can put the environmental catastrophe in perspective. Viewing it through some lenses, it isn’t that huge. The Mississippi River pours as much water into the Gulf of Mexico in 38 seconds as the BP oil leak has done in two months.

Yeah, and the sun puts off more radiation in 2 seconds than Chernobyl did through that entire disaster. And the point would be…? The facts they’re conveying are true, I’m sure. And yes, BP CEO Hayward’s comment that the spill’s volume, even now, is tiny compared to the Gulf’s volume of water. How does any of that lessen the impact this spill is having on people, the environment, and our economy? It doesn’t and, frankly, it sounds a bit like belittling the concerns people have about the spill to frame it in this light. Perhaps we can save such comparisons until after we’ve got the leak under control, hmm?