Mr. President, what took you so long?

Viewed as a whole, you have to wonder where the President’s priorities really were. Perhaps, are:

I certainly don’t begrudge the President a golf game. Frankly it’s one of the few outdoor things he really gets to do and we all need that, especially in high-pressure jobs. But tracking how often he managed to find the hours necessary to get in 18 holes of golf before he so much as got on the phone to ask BP’s Tony Hayward what the hell he was doing down there is instructive. And I’ve mentioned before that I doubt strongly the media or the left in this country would have been so understanding had President Bush been hitting the links so often before getting involved in Katrina. In fact, they weren’t.

Add this in to the tone-deaf performance he put in the other night, using the oil spill to push his energy agenda, and it really calls his leadership ability into question.