Al Gore: reporters' access should be unfettered – except when they want to report on me, of course.

I note (courtesy of Instapundit) that Al Gore isn’t happy with the restriction on news reporting going on in the Gulf. Says the Goracle:

This behavior is completely unacceptable. Access by reporters should be as unfettered as possible

As I mentioned myself a few days ago, I think BP and the Obama administration shouldn’t be denying the airspace to reporters, particularly aiming at reporters. In this, I agree with Al Gore. However, as Anthony Watts over at Watts Up With That? points out, Mr. Gore should be careful about what windows he’s throwing rocks toward. When giving a speech at the CTIA Wireless conference in 2009, Mr. Gore refused to allow any members of the press to come in and cover his appearance. Excuse me, Al, but if reporters should be getting unfettered access to cover the news then they should get that access when it’s you they’re covering. I’m glad you’re on the side of media access but you should can the hypocrisy, sir.