Taliban remind the world of who they really are by killing a 7-year-old boy to send a terror message

This is the face of the enemy:

A 7-year-old boy was murdered by the Taliban in an apparent act of retribution this week. Afghan officials said that the child was accused of spying for U.S. and NATO forces and hanged from a tree in southern Afghanistan.

Daoud Ahmadi, the spokesman for the provincial governor of Helmand, said that the killing happened days after the boy’s grandfather, Abdul Woodod Alokozai, spoke out against militants in their home village.

Ahmadi said: “His grandfather is a tribal elder in the village and the village is under the control of the Taliban. His grandfather said some good things about the government and he formed a small group of people to stand against the Taliban. That’s why the Taliban killed his grandson in revenge.”

Behold, the fearsome and mighty warriors of Islam. Their cause is so just and their path so pure that they kill a completely innocent, non-combatant child because they were worried that someone disagreed with them. God must surely be soooo proud.

God will have his say to these cowards, I have no doubt, and it will not be a conversation they’ll enjoy. When your position is so weak and twisted that killing a boy you snatched out of his yard while he was playing is your idea of a good option then you’ve officially dropped into rabid vermin category. There’s a reason civilized communities hunt down and kill creatures that prey on their children. Such creatures cannot be tolerated near where the community lives and sleeps. It’s a matter of survival. But you go after the predators, not the creatures who aren’t posing you a threat. The story says that under the Pashtun honor code, this action is likely to provoke vendettas and bloodletting. I can imagine it will. I would suggest to the Taliban responsible that their best bet it to find the nearest US troop position and surrender to the Americans. It’s about the only option that’s going to save your lives, now.