Congressman Frank Wolf has AG Holder on the run

On election day in 2008 members of the Black Panthers, dressed in what appeared to be nearly tactical garb and waving clubs in their hands, confronted voters heading to a particular polling location in Philadelphia. They made comments to those people heading into the polls that several voters called threatening and generally made a show of intimidation. Complaints were made, charges were filed, and the Justice Department even won a default judgment against the Black Panthers. And then, inexplicably, the DoJ dropped most of the charges. Like many of us, Virginia’s own Congressman Wolf wanted to know why. He’s been asking ever since and the DoJ as well as Obama’s AG Eric Holder have been doing everything they can to not answer. Wolf’s not giving up.

Mr. Wolf is not about to back down. “If showing a weapon, making threatening statements and wearing paramilitary uniforms in front of a polling station do not constitute voter intimidation, at what threshold of activity would these laws be enforceable?” he asked, getting to the heart of the matter. Important questions also remain unanswered about original Black Panther defendant Jerry Jackson, who was a member of the local executive committee of the Philadelphia Democratic Party. Dismissal of the case against him came four days before another election in which, again, he served as an official poll watcher.

In what was supposedly going to be the most open and transparent government ever, this is perhaps the most egregious example of stonewalling and evasion. There is no reasonable person out there who would look at these actions and not justifiably suspect that the charges were dropped solely because the Black Panthers supported Obama’s election. The Democrats screamed about voter intimidation and election fraud during the 2000 and 2004 elections with no evidence of either taking place. This incident was well documented and the evidence clear enough to have initially won the judgment but these people are being allowed to get away with it. They’re being assisted in getting away with it by the very department tasked with enforcing our laws. Those complicit in this are no friends of America and do not deserve the defense of silence. Congressman Wolf is pressing ahead and will not back down on this. As a Virginian in his district, I’m quite proud of that. Congressman Wolf has Eric Holder on the run. What we all need is for AG Holder to stop running and start being honest.