What's a decent interval before asking your mortal enemies for campaign contributions? (Update)

While we here in VA-10 didn’t have a primary on Tuesday (Frank Wolf is our nominee) there were other districts in Virginia that did. One of the most notable was VA-11’s fight between Pat Herrity and Keith Fimian. The barbs ran sharp and many during the campaign with plenty of accusations of… well, pretty much anything except inappropriate physical relationships. (We left that one for South Carolina.) Fimian won the primary on Tuesday and there’s been the traditional calls for unity, for Republicans throughout the 11th to get behind Fimian for the general election in the fall. But anyone who’s backed a candidate for an office during a primary (or canvass or convention) and seen that candidate lose knows that one does not simply snap one’s fingers and become an avid supporter of the guy or gal who just yesterday you were claiming was poison for the party.

I know time is of the essence in politics and campaign coffers depleted during a contentious primary fight need to be replenished quickly to carry the fight to the real opposition in the other party, but there’s still something grating about being asked to write a check for a guy that you’ve been fighting for months on the day after your candidate loses to said guy. So I had to ask myself, when I saw this post over at Too Conservative, what’s a decent interval to wait before putting your hand out for your just-yesterday-opponents to put out cash? Like I said, I know it’s important but – seriously? – this couldn’t have waited a bit longer than 24 hours? I’ve got no dog in that fight (or at least not a big one) but I doubt strongly that I’d have a very positive viewpoint of Fimian asking me to pony up a check this week.

Good luck to him. Republicans will rally to him but this kinda smacks of rubbing salt into open wounds.

Update: OK, so I just got an e-mail update from the RPV Network with a news item titled, “In Unity Lies Liberty.” You know, when you’re writing a post urging people to look past deliberately spiteful words thrown in their direction telling them they just need to let go of any hard feelings over “misspoken” words, you might want to avoid telling people “don’t sulk.” Aside from the generally insulting tenor of using that kind of word, it completely belittles the positions of those people who offered honest, legitimate support to a candidate who just so happened to lose the nomination. “Sulk” refers to having/displaying a bad mood over something trivial, inconsequential. It’s what immature children do and what their elders have to scold them into getting over.

It’s precisely the kind of language that will prolong disunity and possibly even fuel opposition. I’d have hoped experienced members of the VA GOP would have known better than to use it in this instance.



  1. Does not offend me at all – and I had no real dog in this race BUT I worried (and rightfully so) that the crap would fly after the primary. I’d have felt the same if Herrity had won and sent out a donation email.

    We are facing a pivotal time in our country, the elections in the Fall could map the course for centuries. I am hoping to stop this train wreck called the Obama administration. I’m concerned, and there is a sense of anticipation, anxiety, worry – can’t quite pin it down – with many people I know. If 10$ from 1000 people will get Fimian up and running after financing a very expensive primary – give him the 10$. Then give him 20, then 30, and remember that Gerry Connolly is the enemy.

  2. Good grief, “Don’t sulk”?! Like we’re a bunch of little kids? How insulting. How insensitive of them to write something like TWO DAYS after a tough election. I am not ready for their lectures on behavior.

    It was bad enough that I had to attend Fimian’s party after being a strong supporter of Herrity. I was not amused, and, to be honest, I did sulk. I’m not over it yet. TWO DAYS is not long enough. Sorry Keith, but you’ve yet to win me over by asking for money less than 48 hours after my guy lost. I may be sulking, but you are clueless and insensitive as is the RPV. Why am I not surprised at both?

  3. Sorry, but this is the one contest that I’m taking a stand on. Screw Keith. I remember every low-life, crap-slinging, dismissive, un-called for, P-O-S thing you ever did during the campaign. You, sir (if that), are as bad or worse than Boss Connelly, and you two deserve every bit of the depths of which the race will go. Have fun. You could have fought a race that would have endeared Pat’s folks to line up behind you….but you chose the sleaziest and most obnoxious path you could. From the opening moments when Pat announced, your operatives were working the audience with your POS “fliers”. That put you in a rather unique category of slime….as id did for these folk’s political future.And then it went downhill. More than a few of these turds are now relegated to the Kyle Kunkler wing of obscurity. Congratulations for showing us new lows, and then trying to validate them as legitimate and acceptable.
    May you rot at the lowest rungs of Hell. Are we clear??????

  4. FWIW, the “don’t sulk” was not good and actually unlike anything I have read from RPV before.

    It is impossible for me to believe that Pat Herrity is as pure as driven snow and Keith Fimian is the Devil Incarnate, regardless of what happened in the primary. Things are NEVER that black and white, I know this because I am an adult.

  5. I want to make clear that the message came from the RPV Network social networking site, not from the RPV leadership at all. I provided the link above but I want to be completely clear about that: the message did not come from the Republican Party of Virginia.

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