Helen Thomas' non-apology apology not viewed as credible (Update: Thomas retires.)

I don’t have an ounce of respect for Helen Thomas, the White House press…um, person and I haven’t paid much attention to her for years. It did not surprise me at all that she made the crass and historically ignorant comment about Jews needing to “get the hell out of Palestine” and “go home” to places like Germany and Poland. Apparently it surprised and outraged a lot of people, however, including Thomas’ own representing agent:

Perhaps Helen Thomas hoped that her apology would suffice in tamping down the furor over her videotaped rant telling the Jews to “get the hell out of Palestine.”  It turns out that even her own agents didn’t buy it.  Nine Speaker announced that it has dropped Thomas as a client, while Lanny Davis blasted the doyenne  of the White House Press Corps as “an anti-Semitic bigot”:

I’ve not considered Thomas a journalist for years and I’ve always thought that political activists – which she clearly is – have no legitimate place in the White House Press Corp. They’re supposed to be reporting the news and asking the hard questions, not pressing a political agenda. Thomas has been doing that for years and she should have been bloody well gone a long time ago. The Obama administration should revoke her credentials immediately regardless of what her employer does. After that’s done, her employer should give her a pink slip and show her the door.

Update: In a none-too-surprising move, Thomas announced today that she is retiring, “effective immediately.” Good riddance.


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  1. She has “retired”. I can’t express how dangerous people like Helen Thomas are, and I can’t express how disgusted I am that there is not a full on-slaught of condemnation. I had the misfortune of seeing Bob Beckel defending this bigot this morning, and if you read TC – there are posters that believe Helen is irrelevant and merely a old bag. That is utter BS.

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