Remembering on this Memorial Day

Today as most of us enjoy the day off I urge you to take a moment to recall the meaning of this day. We have all enjoyed the benefit of the actions of those fallen soldiers we honor. It is in thanks for those actions that we should pause, remember, and offer up a prayer or two.

And then, as I have done in years past, I would urge you to get out there and enjoy the day. Almost every member of the military I’ve ever spoken with on this has agreed that what they’d like to see on Memorial Day is Americans doing the things they’d like to be doing with us: grilling up some tasty, gathering with family and friends, and washing it all down with something cool. (And, likely, at least 6% alcohol!) So offer up that work over the grill and knock one back in honor of those fellow Americans who served and laid it all down to see our freedoms remain.

Ad perpetuam rei memoriam, milites.