Obama skipping Memorial Day ceremonies at Arlington National Cemetery, Tomb of the Unknowns

Stupid, crass, insulting… That’s what I think of President Obama’s decision to take off on his vacation and not attend the Memorial Day ceremonies at Arlington National Cemetery and the Tomb of the Unknowns. It’s a clear sign that, in spite of his rhetoric, our military men and women just don’t rate very highly in his priority list. In short, whenever he’s mentioned his high regard for and support for our military, it’s just words.

I’m hardly surprised that he’s decided to blow them off after just 1 year in the White House. But I am disgusted at him. The Commander-in-Chief should have more class and more care for the troops he commands.



  1. This really bothers me. I feel bad for the families of all our fallen heroes. Obama can’t even pretend to care about them. Clueless and classless. Our military deserves better. So do we.

    Can you imagine what would have happened had Bush done this? The press whined if Bush if went out for a game of golf! Yet they LOVE to film Obama playing golf and on one of his many vacations. Can’t wait to see him taking in the sites in Chicago and dining out with the Mrs, while the rest of us pay tribute to our heroes and their families.

    When will he visit Louisiana? Or has he already forgotten about those who died in the oil spill? And the people who are being effected by the spill. Clueless, classless, and heartless.

  2. My understanding is that he’ll visit the Gulf today. We’ll see.

    President Bush only missed the Memorial Day ceremonies at Arlington once, and he was in France at the time. I guess if Obama were engaged in some official executive function on Memorial Day, I’d feel differently about it. But you’re right, LL, Bush got smacked in the press every time he went to Crawford, TX whether something real was going on or not. Obama’s skipping a VERY important event just because he wants to take a few days off and he’s being given a pass, even now.

  3. Bush stopped playing golf several years before leaving office because he got the news of a downed helicopter in baghdad during a golf game. He said he never wanted a service member’s family to read of him on the golf course receiving such news. Say what you want about Bush, he loved the troops and he and his wife had class.

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