BP's "top kill" approach seems like it's having some effect as Obama rolls the 1st head

As reports are coming in that the “top kill” approach to stopping the Gulf oil spill might be working the Obama administration is set to announce the 1st head lopped off over this disaster. Michelle Malkin points us to this AP story:

Democratic sources say the Obama administration has fired the head of the U.S. Minerals Management Service in response to blistering criticism over lax oversight of offshore drilling.

The sources, speaking on condition of anonymity before the official announcement, tell The Associated Press that President Barack Obama will announce the decision Thursday.

Well, if someone in MMS wasn’t doing what they were supposed to be doing and showed negligence in the pursuit of their duties, I would bloody well expect that person to be fired. However, as many folks critical of past presidents’ actions were quick to demand, I would also expect full details on 1) why the person was fired and 2) whether that person was ultimately responsible for the issues in question. I am also hoping that any investigation into these matters would continue, firing or no.

Coast Guard Admiral Allen is telling us that the “top kill” maneuver BP is using to stop the oil spill in the Gulf appears to be working. Actually, he’s reported as saying that it did work and that the spill has been halted but the White House is a bit too gunshy of the criticism leveled at it to date to sign off on that report just yet. They’re working to confirm it. Obviously, when they do I’ll likely post on that specifically. Stay tuned.