Reports coming in that Howie Lind has won chairmanship of VA 10th District Committee

I note in the comments section of this post at Too Conservative that Howie Lind has been elected Chairman of the 10th District Committee. I also see that, like the very unpleasant experience that was the 2006 convention, this one managed to demonstrate that some people just don’t like having to follow the rules of order.

Greg at Black Velvet Bruce Li, well known for his video productions, was denied permission to tape the proceedings, particularly the speech at the event by Congressman Frank Wolf. Outgoing Chairman Jim Rich told him to pack it up and get out and then directed 2 sheriff’s deputies to threaten to arrest him if he failed to comply. Read the story for the links and for Jim Rich’s comment on the matter.

Mr. Rich suggests that there’s a long-standing prohibition against recording citing concerns over how someone might edit their recording badly and give a false sense of how the meeting went. Well, as a member of the technical profession let me render a professional opinion on that take: garbage.

The only thing produced by banning video in this day and age is the completely correct assessment that the people doing the banning have something to hide. If the 10th District is so concerned that someone out there might take a video and edit it badly, they have a 100% defense against that: do the taping of the event themselves and then post it in its entirety. Anyone who makes an attempt at mis-editing their recording will be caught in the act when compared to the tape of the event as a whole. It’ll be obvious and it’ll be quick. To suggest otherwise is evidence of antiquated thinking on the matter.

To insist to the point of threatening law enforcement action that no recordings be made shows a fear of one’s actions and words being accurately reported, not a concern about inaccuracies. And, once again, a motion brought before the convention was improperly dealt with being summarily dismissed and then the vote’s tally being suspect when an overrule motion was pressed. As I said, smacks of 2006 all over again.

Perhaps if Mr. Lind is being serious about his open and transparent style of governance, he could make his 1st action to be explicitly authorizing recording at all 10th District functions and consulting with RPV parliamentarians to determine whether the handling of the motions presented were correct. Then report on both items to the Republicans in the 10th District – posted on the 10th’s web site, of course – so we can all see what really happened.

Not an auspicious start, folks.



  1. I was there and think the more important objective is the candidate that wons opening speech sentence was ” Welcome Democrats?”

  2. No wonder that the “crew” keeps beating our asses. We keep pelting them with peppermint patties.
    It’s the Convention’s property and it was recorded for posterity by a “trusted” source Ric. That is the only guarantee that you won’t see Wolf-bashing and other displays by some of the nuts in attendance that day.

    Greg is okay, it’s some of the others in attendance who are more disturbing.

  3. Rocella, that sounds like that was just an innocent slip of the tongue. I may not have agreed with Lind’s stances on a number of things but I don’t believe he meant anything by that.

  4. Dean, I have no idea what you mean about the peppermint patties. Something I missed, perhaps?

    A source “trusted” by whom, is the real question. This kind of treatment of fellow Republicans – even the ones we disagree with – where sudden “standing rules” that were never communicated come out of the woodwork and improper handling of motions under the rules of order is done is going to come back to bite us all in the rear. Perhaps people don’t like the motions being presented and they suspect those who present or support them of ulterior motives but now that Lind is the Chair (and those who were supporting him are now in the trusted advisor circle) how is it going to feel to have similar “rules” applied to we who disagree?

    The rules are there for a reason and they protect us all at one point or another. And the only thing done by denying video recording is to make an issue out of the denial. Water under the bridge, now, but I feel nothing good is coming out of these actions.

  5. Ric, Robert’s Rules were observed. They didn’t like the outcome, but the acting Chairman took a division and more folks were standing on the “no video” than were standing for the admitting of video. That’s the fact.

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