Preparedness ≠ panic

Supporters of the 2nd Amendment, such as myself, listened very carefully to the words of then-Senator Barak Obama, Senator Reid, and Speaker Pelosi and examined their voting and legislative record during the 2008 election campaigns. We found their words and intents to be very clear: they don’t care much for private ownership of guns. Any time they were offered the chance to curtail the keeping and bearing of arms, they jumped at it. To think that they wouldn’t now is just wishful thinking.

That’s why when I read this post by Allahpundit over at Hot Air I was a little put off. In it, he speaks of Sarah Palin’s speech at the NRA convention this year and poo-poo’s the notion that anyone would be concerned at all about Obama’s predilection for gun-grabbing as unjustified panic. Well, newsflash, Mr. I’m-above-such-petty-things: maintaining a state of preparedness and vigilance isn’t panic. There was a time not too long ago that people thought no one would attempt to effect a government takeover of an industry such as auto production or to nationalize healthcare because that would be political suicide. It’s the law, today, and they didn’t look too careful about keeling over when they did it. Obama would absolutely do it if he could get the votes in Congress, make no mistake. Keeping people aware of that fact is prudence, not panic.