Back home again

When this post publishes to HoodaThunk? I will be on the ground again in the USA. At this moment, however, I am writing this sitting in the international departure lounge at the airport in Nassau, The Bahamas. It’s been a wonderful trip and I am truly sorry to be going.

This was a trip arranged by my wife’s company. Her organization met their sales numbers and her performance in that endeavor was recognized. The “Achievers Club” trip was a long weekend trip to the Atlantis resort on Paradise Island, Bahamas. It was a great trip with some great people. I plan to post a few pics from the trip both here and on my Facebool page.

Time, however, waits for no man and events of interest to me have chugged along at their own pace. There have been new details with the oil spill in the gulfs, matters of concern to the 2nd amendment, and issues of politics, local and otherwise. I have a few posts queue’d up on these and will get them up as soon as I return home. This post, on the other hand, will fire as soon as we land. I’m doing this on my Blackberry and will launch it the second we clear the runway at Reagan National.

Stay tuned and I’ll be back up to speed asap.