Second incumbent congressman loses primary bid for another term

Over the weekend Senator Bennett (R-UT) was removed from contention by the Utah GOP in a convention that narrowed the field to 2 candidates. The candidate for the general election will be decided in a primary run-off but it was Bennett’s stance on spending and his support for the TARP bailouts that spurred Republicans there to withdraw their support. Yesterday, Democrat Representative Alan Mollohan of West Virginia got the same treatment.

Tuesday night, Democratic primary voters in West Virginia showed 28-year Congressional veteran Rep. Alan Mollohan (D-WV) the door.

Democratic state Sen. Mike Oliverio toppled Mollohan. Oliverio’s victory made Mollohan the first House casualty in what has already been a turbulent midterm election year.

The political elite in this country (and that includes most of the incumbents in federal office) made the calculation that people were just going to go ahead and give them another term because…. well, because. They tried to demonize people showing up at town halls and tried to spin away any of their concerns. Well, they’re finding out that people aren’t as forgetful as they’d hoped and that all of their spin and all of their evasions are of no avail when it comes to the ballot box. Some, like Wisconsin’s Obey and Michigan’s Stupak, aren’t even making a run of it, the climate for their re-election is so bad.

We could use a few more Senators and Representatives being denied a return trip to Capitol Hill.


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  1. Ric,
    Several questions. Was Mollohan considered a Blue Dog or not, and what is Oliverio’s political philosophy. Since this was a purging by Dems what was the knock on Mollohan, and who did the purging.

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