McCain is now a supporter of border security and… the fence???

Via HotAir we have a vid of a John McCain ad touting his support of border security and – seriously – the border fence:

So Senator “Jam-Amnesty-Down-America’s-Throat”, Senator “I’ll build the g-ddamned fence if they want it” is the go-to guy on matters of border security and he’s perturbed that the border fence hasn’t been built? Seriously?

The galling part of this isn’t that McCain’s representing himself as something his record very clearly shows he’s not, it’s that he and his staff clearly think America (and Arizona in particular) are too stupid to recall his actions on these matters in the past. He’s part of the reason the “danged fence” isn’t completed and he’s complaining on camera that it’s not finished?

Arizona, I understand why you wouldn’t want to send a junior Senator back to DC. But honestly, how can you buy any of this considering what he’s done about these matters in the past? You should give his opponent in the primary, JD Hayworth, a good look.