Congress' latest concern? Potty parity.

High unemployment. Energy policy that’s insufficient for our national interests and security. Border insecurity. Job-killing “reform” measures that are already proving to be larger expenses instead of savings like they were supposed to be. Homeland security measures that appear to rely on luck more than anything else.

So what’s Congress spending time and effort on? Items like this one:

The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee held hearings Wednesday on the “Potty Parity Act,” a bill that seeks to address the unequal number of restroom facilities for women in federal buildings by requiring at least a 1-to-1 ratio for  toilets, including urinals, in women’s and men’s restrooms.

This is what our elected reps are considering to be worthy of their time? While those other issues I mentioned sit? This legislation only applies to federal facilities. So, it’s necessary to waste time passing a law to get this handled? If these Democrats pushing this issue think it’s that important, send a letter to the heads of the GAO and OMB and ask them to address it. Honestly, a policy from these people would fix the problem without all the time and resources going into passing a law that would only tell the same people to do the same thing.

Focus, folks, focus.


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  1. Shhhh…………let them concern themselves with potties, it might prevent them from doing something more dangerous to our pocketbooks or our country.

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