The unreported disaster: Nashville, TN flood of 2010

Lost amid the coverage of the oil spill and the Times Square bombing attempt has been a natural disaster of truly epic proportions. The city of Nashville, TN – not a small town, mind you – has suffered a flood that’s brought destruction Tennessee’s not seen since the Civil War. Since the media’s only given it passing notice, you might be unaware of the magnitude of this event.

The massive resort and conference center of Opryland has been, for all practical purposes, destroyed. The entire grounds outside and the center inside is under 10-12 feet of water. My sister attended a conference there last year and the pictures she took showed an impressive place with huge atriums and wonderful shops. I recognize those places in the pictures of this video and I know that some of these places will need to be rebuilt from scratch.

In any case, have a look. Head over to to see their post and the list of relief agencies you can offer your help through.