CO State Univ reverses ban on licensed carry of firearms

Via The Volokh Conspiracy:

The ban at the Fort Collins and Pueblo campuses, had been scheduled to take effect on August 1. The prospective ban had been imposed last winter, by a unanimous vote of the Governing Board, and against the express vote of the Student Senate. Congratulations to Rocky Mountain Gun Owners for bringing the case.

As the CSU spokesperson explained, the Governing Board really had no choice, in light of the recent Court of Appeals ruling in Students for Concealed Carry on Campus v. Regents of the University of Colorado. There, the unanimous three-judge panel ruled that Colorado’s Concealed Handgun Act, which is explicitly preemptive, had no implicit exception for state institutions of higher education. The University of Colorado has not yet announced whether it will petition the Colorado Supreme Court for certiorari in that case.

Students have carried without incident at the Fort Collins campus since the 2003 passage of CO’s Concealed Handgun Act. The local sheriff was on record saying that he and his deputies would not execute an arrest based on the school’s policy since the ban violated the law. The Appeals panel confirmed that assessment and the school has quite wisely concluded they have no leg to stand on. To remain in compliance with the law, they cannot maintain the ban. Good to hear.


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  1. Now all we need is for the SCOTUS to agree with NO BAN in the McDonald v. Chicago case. The citizens are starting to win on this issue and God given rights are being recognized as unalterable. Regardless of where you stand on guns personally, everyone should support the individuals right. I know you will expect me to support your God given rights that you hold dear.

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