Time Square car bomb "could be an act of terrorism" says DHS Sec. Napalitano

Hmmm, let’s see. Suspicious, unattended vehicle parked in, arguably, the busiest section of downtown New York City is packed with propane tanks, gasoline, and explosive powders, all hooked up to a timing device and they think it could be, just maybe, an “act of terrorism.”

Ya think?

I’ll tell you this: I’m not thinking it was someone headed home to fire up a barbecue. Of course it was a terrorist act. There’s no military target in Times Square, no robbery that could make use of such a weapon. This kind of weapon is designed to do massive damage to people and cause casualties, directly and indirectly as a result of the fires and structure damage that results. And since there’s no large military or law enforcement target in the area, the target may be safely assumed to be civilians going about their daily business. That, folks, is the definition of a terrorist act. BY all means, investigate it and let the investigation take you were the evidence leads. But assuming a terrorist motive, here, isn’t hurting anything.

The assessment that the bomb was “amateurish” is a non-sequitur. Just because the device isn’t using military-grade explosives and detonation devices doesn’t mean it wouldn’t do the job. And getting the job done is all terrorists care about, not the assessment of their “amateur” status by their enemy. Here’s hoping the administration remains serious about this one.