Obamacare will raise healthcare costs, drive people out of their insurance, and reduce medical care choices says Obama's own actuary

Obamacare was passed explicitly to “cover the uninsured” and reduce the costs of healthcare in America. Great goals, as we on the right have been saying all along, but the Obamacare package passed by Congressional Dems over the top of the American public’s majority opposition won’t do any of that. It will raise costs and those promises that you can keep your insurance plan and doctor if you like them were all just hot air. We said this. We were ridiculed – we just didn’t understand or just didn’t want to help people, the accusations went.

How’s that story coming now?

Not one of its major programs has gotten started, and already the wheels are starting to come off of Obamacare. The administration’s own actuary reported on Thursday that millions of people could lose their health insurance, that health-care costs will rise faster than they would have if the law hadn’t passed, and that the overhaul will mean that people will have a harder and harder time finding physicians to see them.

The White House is trying to spin the new report from Medicare’s chief actuary Richard Foster as only half bad because it concludes that, while costs will increase, only 23 million people will remain uninsured (instead of 24 million previously estimated).

But looking at the details of Foster’s report shows the many, many danger signs for Obamacare and how many of its promises will be broken:

The report referenced is by Richard S. Foster, Chief Actuary of the Department of Health & Human Services. He’s basically the top actuary for the Obama Administration’s medical care department. In other words, he knows what he’s talking about and has access to all of the pertinent data. He’s an expert – the administration’s top expert, you might say – in the matters of how the Obamacare numbers are working out and will work out in the future.

His assessment, in a nutshell, is that healthcare costs are going to go up, much higher and faster than if no Obamacare had been passed, millions of people are going to lose their coverage and be shoved into Medicaid, medical services, drugs and devices will all be more expensive for the consumer, and there will still be 23 million people uncovered by the program by 2019. Sounds an awful lot like what we were saying was going to happen.

The big reasons given that this law had to be passed even though the majority of Americans wanted no such thing from their representatives to the federal government, I might add, was to cover all of those uninsured people out there and to “bend the medical cost curve down.” As to the latter, it never made any sense that increasing the number of people covered by federal dollars for their healthcare would reduce the cost. Now that the actuaries have actually looked at it, the numbers are showing that it most certainly won’t. Over the course of the next 10 years, spending on national health services will rise by $311 billion, a bend upward of a net $251 billion over that time period. That’s right – it’s going to cost more, not less like we were told.

As to the former, the Obama administration is trying to put a happy face on this report by saying that having 23 million uninsured by 2019 is better than they expected to have. Well, first off – Huh? The big deal, here, was to cover everyone. Now it’s a good thing that only 23 million people won’t be covered. More importantly, the supporters of this monstrosity continue to conveniently gloss over the fact that there’s a huge difference between insurance coverage and getting medical care. You can be covered all you like, but if you can’t get in to the doctor, what good is it?

One of the primary methods of “realizing savings” in the Medicare program is to simply reduce the amount being paid to doctors for providing services to Medicare patients. According to the report, an estimated 15% of providers (hospitals, doctors, etc.) would not be able to cover their own costs of providing those services at the payment rates being given. In short, this plan only works if those providers voluntarily operate at a loss. Clearly, providers cannot do that and so it’s extremely likely that that 15% would either halt participation in Medicare – something many are already doing – or would simply close their doors entirely. Think about that: a loss of 15% of the Medicare providers at a time when Obamacare is dumping millions of people into Medicare to demand services. It doesn’t take an actuary to realize that that’s going to result in people not seeing the doctors they need to see for longer periods of time. Access to medical care and technology will start taking longer and longer.

Unless, of course, you’re wealthy enough to afford it on your own. Which, I thought, was something this legislation was going to avoid.

Elections have consequences, folks. Putting Obama and the Democrats in office is what allowed them to thumb their collective noses at the will of the American people and put us into this position to begin with. There’s only 1 acceptable way to handle that, and that’s to replace them with people who will 1) recognize the folly of attempting to spend your way to cost reduction and 2) recall that their mandate is to represent the people, not just do things their way and expect their constituents to like it. November is coming. Plan now to cast your vote to curtail the ability of these people to run roughshod over us. Obamacare is the law but we have time to stop it. We just have to act to get it done.