Bearing Drift reminds us of our Dem Senators' demonstrations of concern for Virginia's interests

Just a couple of quick notes that I’d like to make sure people know about. Bearing Drift has a couple of posts up about actions taken by our Democrat Senators, Jim Webb and Mark Warner.

First up, there’s this post on Jim Webb’s “concern” about the recently-signed Obamacare law. He’s skeptical about the budgetary numbers from the CBO scoring of the bill and admits that he doesn’t think they’re going to find the $500 billion in efficiency savings in Medicare. Which should lead any reasonable Virginian to ask why, then, he was the 60th  vote to pass this disaster of a bill out of the Senate.

Of Obamacare, he says, “We have to clean it up and help the American people understand that this is not socialization of the medical program.” Cleaning it up is work that should have been done before it was signed into law. That’s what we send you people to Congress to do and you get paid quite nicely for the work. And the American people understand perfectly well what “this is” and it most certainly is the first step to socialization of the medical program. Webb, Obama, Reid, and Pelosi had a year to convince people of the value of the bill. To this day, more Americans are against it than for it and that hasn’t changed over the course of this debate. Webb just decided to vote as the Democrat leadership told him to, as opposed to what the citizens of Virginia were saying. This man is most certainly not representing the interests of Virginians and he should not be returned to office.

His junior partner in the Senate, Mark Warner, is making noises of support for the recently-announced initiative to open up oil and gas drilling off the coast of Virginia. What he’s hoping is that people don’t remember that he’s one of the people who was blocking these efforts in the not-too-distant past. Warner says he has “long advocated” an approach that combines both increased R&D into alternative energy sources and development of our off-shore oil and gas resources. If that’s true, then perhaps he can explain to Virginia’s citizens why he vetoed a bill that would have directed our Congressional delegation to advocate the passage of a law that would have done exactly that.

Warner shifts with the wind, that’s all. He was against it then because the Democrats were against advancing oil exploration and recovery off the coast. They still would be, too, if Obama hadn’t suddenly come out (apparently) in favor of it. And just like magic, Warner’s suddenly all for the idea he personally halted just 5 years ago. Again, we have a Senator who votes as the Democratic Party tells him to vote, not as we Virginians tell him. Virginia has shown wide support for developing our energy resources and has done so for years. Warner has been the logjam in that effort and his talk now is just an effort to hide his past actions. He’s also someone who doesn’t deserve a return trip to Washington. All in good time.