Obama set to announce go-ahead for new offshore drilling?

@jaketapper from ABC was the first I heard of this but it’s now being confirmed that President Obama is set to announce a new offshore drilling push that will allow for new drilling off Virgina’s coast out to 50 miles, permit new seismic surveys of the outer continental shelf (OCS) from Delaware to Florida, and allow additional drilling platforms in the Gulf of Mexico.

While the cancellations of drilling sites in Alaska that are part of this package smack of political retribution to me, I consider this overall approach to be a good one. As I have said repeatedly on this blog, we cannot continue to indenture ourselves to foreign powers for our energy needs. To be sending billions of dollars overseas to countries whose interests are most definitely not in America’s best interests is literally funding the opposition. Then there’s the notion that instead of paying Saudi or Yemeni or Venezuelan companies for oil so they can employ thousands of Saudis, Yemeni, or Venezuelans, we could be paying American companies to employ thousands of Americans. Handling our own energy needs is better from an economic, security, and environmental standpoint, period. And we work with what we’ve got while we work on getting something better in place. In short, we need the oil and gas to power our research efforts toward high-efficiency solar, wind, and whatever’s next. (Hey, could be matter-antimatter reactor cores for all I know.

If he’s actually behind this effort, President Obama is to be applauded for this action. I am suspicious he’s using this as cover for his horrific Obamacare debacle and is only throwing Republicans and other conservative types a bone to distract us. We all know that his promises come with expiration dates. And his overall policy set is drowning the country in debt which will make it extremely difficult for companies to invest in the infrastructure necessary to make this all work. Virginia, under Gov. Bob McDonnell, is committed to helping those companies bring the energy industry up to speed. Virginia is looking to become the energy capital of the east coast. If California would rather stay in insolvency, they have our welcome to it.

Anyway, it’s a good sign and something to have real hope about. Let’s just keep an eye on whether he follows through or not.