Threats of violence and an open letter

In the wake of the passing of the Obamacare health “reform” bill by Congress, there are reports being made that threats of violence are being directed at Democratic members of the House. Congressman Steny Hoyer, House Majority Leader, says he thinks Republicans should be standing up and condemning the threats. I don’t recall the Dems being so swift to condemn such actions against Republicans taken over the years President Bush was in office – it seems that there’s a lot of liberal amnesia going on these days about that time in our recent past – but I will certainly oblige him. Violence or threat of violence is an unacceptable response to the passage of that bill and I absolutely condemn such actions. I am assuming, of course, that such threats were actually made.

Roger Simon of Pajamas Media has an open letter to Congressman Hoyer on the matter that captures my thoughts quite well:

I am a registered Democrat, but since I have voted (mostly) Republican in recent years, let me assure you that I unequivocally condemn those threats and any possible acts of violence taken in response to the bill. That is not even remotely the way to settle such political disputes. Such things must be handled at the ballot box.

That said, and for similar reasons, I also unequivocally condemn the actions of the Democratic Party in running roughshod over the clear will of the American people. Every poll taken in proximity of the vote showed our citizenry in substantial opposition to the global health care reform being pushed through Congress by you, Speaker Pelosi and the administration.

Read the whole thing. The threats (if true) are certainly not justified by the Dems’ actions, as I’ve already said. But the anger certainly is and I don’t condemn that. I agree with it. If that’s making Hoyer unhappy or uncomfortable then perhaps he and his fellow Democrats in office would do well to remember that they are supposed to be representing their constituents and not acting the part of congressional drones, ignoring the will of the people to perform as Obama, Pelosi, and Reid dictate.


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  1. Have you ever heard Levin talk about Steny Hoyer – “what kind of name is STENY??” (gotta imagine Levin’s voice) – regardless, he is the perfect example of hypocrisy! If Steny would like to start by condemning Pelosi’s repeated slams of the American people and Reid’s arrogant stmts on Bush, people might listen to him.

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