Kudos to Reston Hospital Center

One of our local hospitals has just achieved something pretty spectacular. Reston Hospital Center has been recognized as the top hospital in Virginia by Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield.

Based on select quality of care measures, Reston Hospital Center has earned the highest ranking in the state of Virginia, according to the most recent results from Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield’s Quality-In-Sights®: Hospital Incentive Program (Q-HIPSM).

“As the nation’s healthcare system remains under the magnifying glass, Reston Hospital Center is exceeding national standards for quality care and being rewarded for our efforts,” said William Adams, CEO of RHC.  “This ranking doesn’t just reflect excellent patient outcomes, but also the cost-savings that come from providing better patient care.  This couldn’t have been achieved without the constant commitment of our nurses, physicians and staff to put patients first.”   

Excellent work, folks.


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  1. This one had me rolling on the floor when a insurance company rates a hospital number one. ha ha ha ha ha Reston is a fine hospital, but when a insurance company rates it number one I think the hospital does minimum treatment for patients so the insurance company does not have to pay out as much. ha ha ha

    A better rating would be from the medical profession.

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