Captain Sully, pilot during the "Miracle on the Hudson," retires

The man who was at the controls of US Airways 1549 when both engines failed due to damage from a bird strike, Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger, has brought his commercial pilot career in for a final landing. Sullenberger flew his final leg yesterday, bringing a 30-year career to a close. It was a routine flight with First Officer Jeff Skiles in the right seat, the same team that brought 1549 to a miraculously safe landing on the waters of the Hudson River over a year ago.

I wish Sully well in his retirement. Thirty years is a long time keeping the shiny side up and the pointy end forward and it’s a matter of public record that no other commercial passenger jet pilot has ever pulled that off landing on water with both engines gone. I’d say that makes this retirement a definite “going out on top” moment. Blue skies and gentle breezes, Captain. Enjoy.