Candace Strother: Experienced Leadership

We are down to the wire on the decision regarding the chairmanship of the LCRC. Throughout the campaign, Candace has spoken of her experience and vision. As the party canvass arrives, I wanted to give her the chance to speak to you, the readership at HoodaThunk? directly and, utilizing the best our technology has to offer, in her own voice. Ladies & gentlemen, Candace Strother:

Candace Strother: Experienced Leadership (HD) from Beehive Video on Vimeo.

I’m voting for Candace Strother on March 6. Come to Belmont Ridge Middle School and cast your vote with me.


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  1. Having worked closely with Candace during this campaign, I will say that the more I get to know her the more impressed I am. She is politically astute, thinks quickly on her feet, and has the leadership qualities we need. The fact is she thinks at a higher level than most of us.

    More, I’m quite convinced that when she says all groups or factions in our party will have a seat at the table she means it.

    Consider also that her remarks to the Board of Supervisor drew the attention of the Washington Post, no less. Her letter to the editor at the Leesburg Today drew a response from Democrat operative Anthony Fasolo the very next week, who is also whining about Candace in the comments section of the Post article.

    The point is that she knows how to craft remarks that gets our message out. Who else can say that?

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