Earthquake in Chile, now tsunami evac warnings in Hawaii

This morning was a little different for me, owing to an event I’m attending tonight. I didn’t head to the computer as soon as I fired up the coffee maker, and that’s why I missed the news this morning of an 8.8 scale earthquake in Chile early this morning.

I believe that’s stronger than the one in Haiti so you’ve got to think the devastation is going to be that much worse. However, Chile’s position along the coast of South America added the possibility of tsunamis in the Pacific. I’m seeing stories of tsunami alerts in Hawaii and evacuation orders for all coastal areas on all of the Hawaiian islands. Based on projections, a tsunami generated by the earthquake will impact Honolulu, Oahu at 4:19 pm eastern time (11:19 am local).

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the citizens of Chile and to those in Hawaii and elsewhere still in danger’s path.