Candace Strother addresses the LCRC, 23 Feb 2010 meeting

Candace Strother, candidate for the Chairman of the LCRC, addressed the Committee at their 23 Feb 2010 meeting.

The LCRC Party Canvass is a week from this Saturday, to be held 6 March 2010 from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm at Belmont Ridge Middle School. See the LCRC web site for details.

I’ve written about Candace before and why I think you should cast your vote for her. I’ve also mentioned the choice facing we Loudoun Republicans now. This isn’t about good guys and bad guys, it’s not about conservative values. We’re blessed this year with 2 candidates who are both good guys, who are both strong supporters of conservative values. It’s about the skills, experience, and leadership to build on the momentum we’ve attained in the past year under Glen Caroline’s stellar leadership and bringing it to bear in November. Candace Strother has those skills, has that experience, and can lead us to victory in 2010 and beyond.

Cast your vote for Candace Strother for LCRC Chairman.