LCRC filing deadline tomorrow! (That's 5:00pm, Saturday, 20 Feb 2010!)

As noted over at Too Conservative:

The filing deadline to become a member of the reconstituted Loudoun County Republican Committee and/or a delegate to the 10th District Convention, is Saturday, February 20, 2010 at 5:00 PM.  Any stragglers out there wishing to get their form in better get it done today and deliver to Jeff Maged’s house.  Here’s a link to the form at the LCRC website.

There is no need to file a form to simply vote in the upcoming canvass for LCRC Chairman.   That will be held March 6th and is a walk in and vote and leave event.  Details here.

That last point bears repeating: the filing deadline for tomorrow is to 1) become a member of the LCRC for the 2010-2012 cycle, 2) become a delegate to the 10 Congressional District Committee Convention on May 22, and/or 3) file to run for the Chairman’s position with the LCRC. There is no requirement to file anything to participate in the LCRC party canvass being held Saturday, March 6 for the purpose of electing the new chairman. Any registered voter in Loudoun County who wishes to participate may do so. You need to bring a photo ID to vote and you will be required to sign a pledge stating that you will support the GOP’s candidates in the upcoming elections.

If you’re interested in hearing the candidates for the Chairman’s position, please come to the Tuesday night meeting of the LCRC, held at Harper Park Middle School on Tuesday, 23 Feb at 7:30 pm. (See the LCRC web site for details.) As of this moment we have 2 candidates for the office, Mark Sell and Candace Strother. I am wholeheartedly supporting Candace Strother for the office. I’ve written of her qualifications before and nothing has made me change my mind since then. I’ve also written about the choice that faces us. Candace Strother is the right decision that the LCRC needs right now. We have a lot of work ahead of us for the mid-term elections and November will be here before you know it. We need a Chairman with the skills and experience that Candace brings. Come to the canvass on March 6 and cast a vote for Candace Strother.