VA Senate passes concealed handguns in restaurants bill

As hoped for, the Virginia Senate has repeated its actions from the past 2 years and voted to pass a law permitting those with a valid concealed handgun permit to continue their concealed carry into restaurants that serve alcohol. The House passed their version of the bill, HB505, last Friday. The Senate bill, SB334, was passed 22-18 and now heads over to the House. The House’s bill was referred to the Senate Committee for Courts of Justice today.

The bills are pretty much identical so I don’t see that either bill will have trouble. And, even if one of them did, only 1 of these bills needs to be passed to change the law and send it to Gov. McDonnell’s desk. Bob McDonnell will sign the bill and will finally put this inconsistency to rest. I’m looking forward to seeing this pass.


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  1. These bills are well on their way to finalization, and that is a very good thing. Now that we have a clear-thinking governor these bills will be signed into law.

    Neither banning guns in restaurants nor limiting purchases to one gun per month had any effect on reducing crime. In fact, the former reduces citizen safety by allowing mass-murderers free reign in restaurants; the chance of a police officer being present is a lot less than an armed citizen.

    It is a good day for civil liberties in Virginia.

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