Why does anyone care about Lawrence O'Donnell – idiot extraordinaire – anymore?

Clearly the time away from the spotlight has done nothing for Mr. Lawrence O’Donnell’s maturity level. He’s still got the manners and professionalism of a 3-year-old throwing a temper tantrum. Ed Morrissey takes note of his latest little meltdown on the “Morning Joe” show over on MS-NBC where it got so bad that Joe Scarborough had to call an end to the segment and say he’d continue the interview “by myself.”

O’Donnell is a misbehaving little brat, something he proved to us long ago when he was incapable of any level of civility during an appearance (on MS-NBC, again) opposite John O’Neill of the Swiftboat Veterans for Truth back in 2004. Unable to simply shout down the truth, he watched his favored candidate John Kerry lose the Presidential elections to George W. Bush by over 3 million votes. Again displaying the maturity usually seen on daycare playgrounds, he got on national television and suggested that Bush’s victory should cause serious consideration of secession by the blue states in that election.

So why does this guy warrant anyone’s consideration of being a person with a perspective on any matter of politics that’s worth adult time to air? The guy hasn’t gotten any more lucid or worthy of attention in the last 5 years since he was in the public eye, his appearance on Morning Joe makes that clear. Perhaps now we can simply let him fade into the obscurity he deserves and keep him off the broadcast media. O’Donnell’s a twit and he clearly always will be.



  1. Speaking of Joe, did you see his hypothesis on Chris Matthew’s “wink” during the Sarah Palin interview? I can’t find the clip, but he almost as bad as Larry O with his “insight and analysis”.

  2. To be honest, I don’t watch MS-NBC at all, not even for Joe. There’s just too many kooks and moonbats on there for me to stomach at all. I force myself to watch the occasional clip – and this was one of them – but I don’t follow them.

    Tell us about the reference you make to Joe’s comment, tho.

  3. Sorry, I meant Chris Wallace’s interview with Palin. I’m still trying to find a video link.

    Joe Scarborough did a segment on a supposed “wink” Chris did at the end of the Palin interview, telling his fellow broadcasters and the world that she was actually an intellectual dullard. Wallace called Joe a space cadet and some leftist blogs went crazy.

    I don’t watch Joe or MSNBC at all, unless I want a good laugh (Olbermann’s head exploding at Scott Brown’s vistory was particularly entertaining) – I just saw the story on Freerepublic.

  4. I was actually watching MSNBC when O’Donnell melted down with John O’Neill. O’Donnell totally lost it, and I found it hilarious, one of the funniest things ever on MSNBC. With all the nuts on there, the competition is stiff for funniest bit.

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