Bills providing consistency for concealed carry making great progress in General Assembly

HB505, the House bill permitting those holders of a concealed handgun permit to continue their legal concealed carry into a restaurant that serves alcohol on premise, was passed on the House Floor by a vote of 67-27 today. That is excellent news and, combined with the progress of SB334 over in the Senate (reported out of committee for a full Senate vote 8-7 by the Courts of Justice Committee), this represents an excellent chance that the law will finally be changed to provide consistency for legal concealed carry in the Commmonwealth.

Crossover day – the day when bills passed by each house of the General Assembly are forwarded to the other house for their consideration – is Tuesday, 16 Feb 2010. At that point, the Senate will take up the House bills and vice versa. As it has in the past 2 years, the GA is looking ready to pass these bills and send them on to the Governor. Unlike in those years, however, we have a Governor in Richmond prepared to see the Commonwealth citizenry’s clear desire turned into law. Governor McDonnell will sign the bill this time and lay this matter to rest.

Looking forward to it.