Former President Clinton hospitalized after chest discomfort, stents installed

Former President Bill Clinton went to the hospital today after suffering chest discomfort. After being checked out by his cardiologist he had a pair of stents put into one of his coronary arteries. I know precisely what he’s going through because that’s exactly what I went through almost a year ago. (I only got 1 stent but, otherwise, it was the same.)

I don’t wish this on anyone and I know the fear that no doubt gripped him. It’s not funny and it’s not something serious people smirk at to score political points, something I see happen over on the left side of the aisle all too often. I would urge any of my fellow conservatives to avoid making the mistake. Do the decent thing and wish the former Pres a speedy recovery and his family God’s peace of mind.

Get well soon, Mr. Clinton.



  1. Ric,
    I am with ya. My stent was in Mar 2007. So far so good for me, but you do wonder. Best of health to Clinton and you to.

  2. Best of health to both of you and President Clinton. Going in for a heart procedure and home the next day and back to work still amazes me.

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