Snowfall records could fall this weekend.

One of my out-of-town relatives asked me recently whether our snowfall this winter was setting any records. Well, WTOP News has a story up telling us that we could very well break the record for the last 100 years this weekend. And we’re certainly on track to break the all-time record for this season.

We’ve already broken 1 record with our December 19 storm – that’s the most snowfall DC’s seen in December, ever. (We usually don’t get big snows until after the new year.) According to the story, we’re sitting at 27.3″ of snow this year so far. We’re 18.7″ away from the 100 year record, so that one could fall easily by tomorrow evening. And between now and the end of the snowy season, we only need another 27.1″ to bust the all-time record. If we manage to get the 18.7″ (officially) this weekend, that means we only need another 8″, roughly, for the rest of the winter to top the record.

Considering how things are tracking this year, I’m thinking that might not be too difficult.

So, what’s the leaderboard looking like for snowfall totals? According to the graphic from News Channel 7 that accompanies the WTOP story, it looks like this:

Winter of Inches
1898-99 54.0
1995-96 46.0
1921-22 44.5
1891-92 41.7
1904-05 41.0

The only one of these years that I saw, personally, was 1995-96 and it was a doozy. I guess we’ll see what nature’s got in store for us this weekend very soon.


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