Canadian leader with access to Utopian health care system flies to US for heart surgery

CBC Canada reports that one of their Premiers, presumably – as a Canadian citizen – someone with full access to the Canadian health care system that the Left in this country holds up as a Utopian ideal to be emulated in the US at all costs, has decided to come to the United States for his heart surgery.

Why does someone with access to a health care system we’ve been told is vastly superior to the way we do things down here coming down here for his medical care? Could it be that the system up there is 1) waitlisted so long as to make it dangerous to rely upon, 2) not quite up to speed in terms of medical capability, or 3) isn’t providing the treatment plan the patient feels is in his best interest? Might be good to know. However, for the moment, it’s instructive to see that when participants in nationalized health care systems really need the medical care, they come to the place they know they can get it, and top-notch care to boot.