Del. Tag Greason holds a tele-town hall meeting

Just a moment ago I was brought on a teleconference offered up by Delegate Tag Greason. This is a tele-town hall meeting and it appears Tag is both recounting his information from the town hall meeting I attended on Saturday and also gathering survey information from constituents. I’ll take some notes while I’m on and report.

Update: Questions asked from Tag were:

1) When Virginia comes up short in revenue to cover the projected budget outlays, should we 1) raise taxes, 2) cut spending, or 3) do both? 4% said raise taxes, 75% say cut spending, 19% said do both.

2) Should Virginia oppose the federal mandate to have individuals buy health insurance or accept that mandate? 79% said Virginia should oppose the mandate, 21% said accept it.

3) Do you support Gov. McDonnell’s effort to get the federal government to authorize Virginia to drill for oil and gas  50 miles offshore? 73% support it, 12% opposed.

4) Do you support installation of cameras at Dulles Airport to watch for “backtrackers” looking to use the access road and avoid paying the tolls? 51% support, 49% don’t support it. (Clearly there’s a lot of us in the 32nd District who don’t want to see cameras installed. Wonder why? )

5) Do you support a sales tax increase to raise revenues specifically for transportation and specifically for Loudoun? 39% support, 59% oppose.

People asked Tag questions regarding the LCI (the local composite index), the potential of implementing a cap on the increase of property taxes (a la California Prop 13), the concept of legalizing gambling and putting casinos in Virginia, and the concept of Virginia’s response to the federal “Obamacare.”

Unfortunately, I had to drop off the call before it was done but I wanted to thank Tag Greason for offering this chance. I have long felt that the use of modern communications technology could bring more citizens into the awareness of what government is doing. Running town halls by conference call, particularly this format that permitted survey questions to be asked and answered during the call, is a great idea. Kudos to you, Tag!

I’ll write some more regarding my take on some of the questions and answers in a following post.