LCRC meeting: seemed like old times

Ah, yes, it was the good old days all over again at the LCRC meeting tonight. Good old days, that is, if you consider the good old days to be circa 2005-2007 where the committee was split into a bickering mess and getting their asses kicked in one election after another.

The incredibly self-centered, obstructionist, “it’s all about me” attitude on display by a relatively small contingent of the membership hell-bent on grinding the gears of the committee to a halt and killing off any semblance of the momentum we’ve managed to build up over the last year was disgusting.

Oh, I’m just getting started. But, thanks to the asshattery on display – and by some folks with the arrogance to think they’re the best choice to lead this committee into the most crucial mid-term elections in living memory – I’ve spent hours listening to pedantic drivel instead of getting the business done and getting home to my wife and kid. So, I’ll be gearing up to finish this statement in the morning. For now, let’s just say we saw a wonderfully stark display of the choices that lie before the LCRC in the next 2 months.

G’nite, folks.



  1. Those folks, lead by Mark Sell and Suzanne Volpe, sealed their fate tonight. Who the heck would EVER vote for those people to run anything? They made tonight’s meeting long and tortuous for no apparent reason, angering the majority of LCRC members.

  2. Seems to me that the choice before us is starker then ever: Candace Strother and her conservative call for unity, focus and grassroots leadership or Mark Sell and his call for… oh wait, he just calls for procedural votes and division and a long pointless night. People, show up on March 6th at Belmont Ridge Middle School and vote for Candace.

  3. LL, I think you overlook the deeper problem. Dimitri Kesari has scraped the bottom of the barrel for alliances, and has gotten into bed with John Grigsby. They wrote this drama, and were ATTEMPTING to produce it last night.
    Many thanks to the folks who I got to count about 12 times too many, but your resolute ballot cards helped us send a clear message to the 23 members who disagreed with us.

    Ric, I’ll await your second in-depth, sir. It was fantastic to see you last night.

  4. I feel your pain Ric, but with the morning came relief that Candace will undoutedly be the new Chair and we can move forward! I think I have a repetitive motion injury to my left shoulder from ballot raising. Who knew I could text with my right hand and vote on by-law articles with my left hand?

    Thanks for all the counting Monk!

  5. “Got into bed with” was a masterful use of a provocative metaphor that no doubt unsettles both jackasses in one fell swoop. Will you let me have my fun? It’s really inexpensive, okay?

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