Good news: SB268 reported out of committee with a losing vote

Earlier today I wrote about SB268 in the Virginia Senate and how it was going to a committee hearing this afternoon. After writing to the Senators myself, I wrote to suggest that anyone concerned about 2nd Amendment issues in the Commonwealth do the same to tell the Senators not to support this bill. Well, I’m pleased to report that your comments had great effect. The bill was reported out of committee with a negative recommendation by a vote of 6 yeas, 9 nays. This effectively kills the bill.

I want to extend my thanks to Senator Mark Herring for his nay vote on this bill. Senator Herring is the 33rd District Senator – that’s us – and his support of strong 2nd Amendment protections has been spotty in the past. I hope this is a trend that will see the Senator move toward being a more consistent supporter of those rights as the General Assembly session continues.



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