Dumped mistress of Obama advisor gets her message out an old-fashioned way.


On first glance, it could be the ultimate Valentine’s Day card — a gigantic billboard that towers over New York’s Times Square, featuring a happy couple with the text: “You are my soulmate forever, Charles & YaVaughnie.”

But as every scorned lover knows, looks can be deceiving. This billboard — which also has gone up in Atlanta and San Francisco — is the ultimate act of revenge — a very public retaliation by a dumped mistress aimed at a very wealthy, and married, businessman who is an adviser to President Obama.

Seems that Charles E. Phillips, president of Oracle Corporation and advisor to President Obama via the Economic Recovery Advisory Board, was having an affair with one YaVaughnie Wilkins for about 8 years. When the affair ended Wilkins contracted to have billboards placed in New York City (3 of them, 1 on Times Square), Atlanta and San Francisco featuring a picture of Wilkins and Phillips. When the billboards went up, Phillips issued a statement via a spokesman admitting to the affair and saying that the “relationship with Ms. Wilkins has since ended, and we both wish each other well.”

I beg your pardon, Mr. Phillips, but given the fact that Ms. Wilkins dropped a quarter of a million dollars on this little messaging effort, I’d say it’s not looking like she’s wishing you as well as you might think.


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