Air America: crash and burn

On-again, off-again left-wing attempt at a national talk radio outlet Air America has announced it’s ending its run. It quit its live production yesterday and will bleed out its re-runs until Monday the 25th.

“This very difficult environment has had a significant impact on Air America’s business,” Chairman Charlie Kireker said in a memo to employees that is posted on the company’s Web site. “This past year has seen a ‘perfect storm’ in the media industry generally.”

Yeah, well, that “perfect storm” wasn’t around for 6 years of foul-mouthed leftist spewage that failed miserably to ever connect with an audience capable of supporting a business. Air America had continuing issues with both market share and finances for much of its lifespan and there were reasons for that that have nothing whatsoever to do with the economy. When you’re pushing a flawed product that looks, sounds, and acts like any other MSM outlet you can’t be surprised when people look at you as just another same old, same old. Witness the collapsing subscriber rate of the print media. The consuming public no longer looks at newspapers as a reliable source of news and much of it recognizes that the opinion pieces masquerading as news items are slanted left.

And someone thought it would be a good business model to replicate that in talk radio? Not so much.

Conservative talk radio is successful due to a combination of factors. The on-air talent is engaging and thoughtful, the topics are well researched and reasonably argued, and the conservative viewpoints discussed – and not immediately ridiculed – aren’t displayed in any other MSM medium. Air America is just the New York Times/DNC on a radio dial. And that is why they fail.

(Thank you, Randy Minchew, for the link to the WaPo story.)