Marsden wins VA37 special election

I was out of the house most of the evening at a function so I was unable to look in on the results of the VA37 special election until now. With all precincts reporting, Democrat Dave Marsden has won a very close race for the Senate seat. Marsden got 11,943 votes to Republican Steve Hunt’s 11,626, a margin of just 317 votes out of 23,590 cast. (For those of you interested in the percentages, the SBE site is showing Marsden with 50.62% to Hunt’s 49.28%.) I would say it doesn’t get much closer than that.

Congrats to Senator-elect Marsden for his victory.

Congrats also to Steve Hunt. You ran an admirable campaign and fought right down to the wire. We appreciate your efforts, sir. Fellow Republicans, let’s get focused on the contests in November and keep our momentum going.


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