Kerry Bolognese announces candidacy for the 41st VA House District seat

Well, just when you thought we were done with elections until November we’ve got another one in Fairfax. Since I’m not in that district, I wasn’t paying extremely close attention to the ramifications of the VA37 Senatorial special election won by Dave Marsden yesterday. Apparently, Senator-elect Marsden was known until last night as Delegate Dave Marsden, the sitting delegate for Virginia House 41st District. Just as with Attorney General-elect Cuccinelli’s departure from the VA37 Senate seat prompted the special election yesterday, Marsden’s win will now require a special election to fill the VA41 Delegate seat.

Marsden had just won that Delegate seat in the last general election in November. His opponent in that race, Kerry Bolognese, has just announced that he is a candidate in the special election, the specific date for which hasn’t been announced. Certainly, as I hear more I’ll post more.