Dem dropouts

Yesterday was a pretty big day for announcements by Democrats that they’re not seeking re-election:

With the 2010 election year barely under way, two senators and one governor — all Democrats — ditched plans to run for re-election in the latest signs of trouble for President Barack Obama’s party.

Taken together, the decisions by Senators Chris Dodd of Connecticut and Byron Dorgan of North Dakota as well as Colorado Governor Bill Ritter caused another bout of heartburn for Democrats as they struggle to defend themselves in a sour political environment for incumbents, particularly the party in charge.

As 2009 ended, Democrats watched a string of their House members announce retirements and one congressman defect to the GOP.

I had heard the parts about Dorgan and Ritter last night before I shut down my laptop but the Chris Dodd announcement was new this morning. Not that it’s unexpected. With Dodd’s ethics and financial issues turning the CT electorate against him, he was pretty much a dead duck for re-election, anyway. I’m guessing he’s looking forward to being a lobbyist, in any case.