VA-37: Steve Hunt for Virgina Senate

As any of you readers who have been around since just last November know, I’m in the 32nd House District in Virginia. (The election of Tag Greason to that Delegate seat was covered extensively here.) The Senate District I’m in is the 33rd and isn’t due up for election until 2011. Stay tuned on that one but there’s a more immediate election coming up that I wanted to tell everyone about. That’s the special election to fill the upcoming vacancy in the Virginia 37th District, just to our south. Candidate Steve Hunt is running for that office and the election is coming up on January 12th, just a week from tomorrow. If you’re in the 37th District and you haven’t really given voting in that election a thought I would urge you to have a look at this video where Steve Hunt was talking about his campaign back in November before the primary. It’s pertinent to the decision for whom to cast your vote and it’s as valuable an insight into Steve Hunt today as it was before the primary. This is from Steve Hunt for State Senate:

I mention this today because you’re likely to hear from candidate for LCRC Chair Candace Strother in the next several days. She’s announced on her blog that she and Kristen Kalina of the LCRC are setting up GOTV phone banks for a 72-hour push ahead of the election. I know we’re all still digging out from the holiday “honey-do” backlog and, if you’re like me, still getting back into the swing of things after returning from holiday travel. However, if you do get a call from Candace or Kristen and you have some time to help make some calls, please consider helping out for just a bit. We need people of Steve Hunt’s caliber in Richmond.

Kudos to Candace for taking the initiative on this matter and working to bring to bear Loudoun’s resources to help our neighbors to the south.


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  1. Thank you for helping to get out the word on the Loudoun GOTV effort, Ric. This is a bit race and it’s important that we keep this seat in the hands of a good conservative.

    This is a true grassroots effort that Candace has taken the initiative on, and activists can help win this election by making phone calls to Get Out The Vote without having to drive to Fairfax County.

    Details to come!

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